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Cory's Experience:

"Without my contacts or glasses everything was so blurry I would get headaches or dizzy without them. [I] really couldn’t see at all. I wanted to stay with Premier Eye Care as that is where I have gone my whole life plus heard and read nothing but great things about Dr. Brent.

You can’t ask for better nurses and doctors. The staff was the reason I felt the way I did and why it went so smooth. They are amazing, funny and just a great group to be with. I feel very well taken care of. It is the little everyday things that you notice are clearer and taking steps out of your everyday routine is great.

Still in shock I can see this well with no contacts or glasses. Why didn’t I do this years ago?? I would have honestly paid double what I did. The results are better than expected and can’t believe I can see this well."

Amanda's Experience:

"Prior to correction, I had to wear glasses or contact lenses every hour I was awake. My biggest complication was that after so many hours of wear, my eyes would get extremely dry especially in my work environments.

I love waking up being able to see right away without having to grab glasses or put in contact lenses. I don't have to worry about running out of contact lense solution. I also love being able to travel without having to worry about how I'm going to be able to see. 

I would say [the surgery] is entirely worth it and changes your quality of life."

“I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the experience I had with your organization.  From the very beginning I had a very high comfort level with your professional staff.  Robert and Lynda did a great job explaining the different options available and then when I had my final evaluation to correct my vision Dr. Brent gave me his recommendation.  Ultimately I decided to go with the PRK procedure and Dr. Brent and the staff were  transparent on what I could expect throughout the whole process from start to finish and then the recovery phase.  I would strongly recommend Premier Eye Care to my friends and family or anyone for that matter who is considering Lasik, PRK, or any of the other valuable service they provide. 

– A Happy Client, Dave S.
(PRK Patient)


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