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Optase Moist Heat Mask
  • Optase Moist Heat Mask

    • DRY EYE RELIEF: Moist heat naturally loosens the protective oils produced in the eyelids, which are needed for healthy tear production
    • ADVANCED HYDROBEAD TECHNOLOGY: Absorbs moisture from the air and retains heat for 10 minutes, for optimal, consistent, and extended moist heat
    • HOT OR COLD COMPRESS: Specifically designed to reach optimal temperature and humidity hot or cold, to reduce the symptoms of migraine, allergies, styes, puffy eyes, and contact lens irritation
    • SOFT COTTON CONSTRUCTION: Comfortable unwoven cotton that conforms to your eyes for a custom fit that is reusable and washable


    Includes: 1 eye mask

    Cotton, HydroBeads


    Please note that all sales are final for opened products/drops. This is due to hygiene and safety concerns.
    To avoid any issues, please double-check your order carefully before checkout.

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