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LASIK and Alternatives

Freedom From Glasses and Contacts Morning After Morning

How often have you dreamed of waking up in the morning and being able to see without the need for glasses or contacts? Fortunately, there have been many advances in vision correction or refractive surgery that allow for just that. The numerous procedure options available at PECG can help make this dream a reality. From your morning swim to your evening run, life without glasses could very well be within your reach. Contact us today to schedule your no charge consultation.

Unique Eyes, Multiple Eye Conditions, Diversified Eye Solutions

Our Refractive Surgery program was built and is run by our experienced eye physicians. There is a board-certified ophthalmologist on site before, during, and after your surgery to provide the follow-up care you need and expect.

We offer more than Lasik! Would you appreciate hearing about all options available? Most people would! PRK, Visian ICL, and RLE are procedure options that you may also consider. To determine which procedure is right for you, a comprehensive assessment is conducted utilizing state-of-the-art technology. Based on the thorough diagnostic assessment, your surgeon will tailor a treatment plan to match the right procedure for your unique vision needs. Our doctors value the importance of your vision and will only recommend the safest procedure that can give you the results you desire. The choice is clear!

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Laser Vision Correction is One of the Most Exciting Technological Advances in the History of Eye Care!

A wide range of myopia (near sightedness), hyperopia (far sightedness), and astigmatism can be corrected with the laser.

Custom PRK

PRK is an acronym for photo-refractive keratectomy. It uses a cool beam, computer-guided ultraviolet light to reshape the cornea. Compared to Lasik, there is no flap on the cornea. The treatment may be more comfortable as there is significantly less pressure applied to the eye during the procedure. In addition, it requires less time to complete since there is no need to create a corneal flap. Another benefit to having PRK is it requires less cornea depth which makes it safer and a more suitable option for patients with thinner corneas. Many who elect to have PRK are very active folks who appreciate and understand that they are removing the risk of a flap potentially dislodging. There may be a slightly longer healing time with PRK, however the improvements to the patient's vision are excellent! Contact us today to schedule your no charge consultation.

Custom Lasik (With Intralase)

LASIK stands for Laser-Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis. It is a delicate surgical procedure that allows for a very predictable healing response. Your vision stabilizes rapidly, and you can expect to have little or no discomfort following LASIK. Most patients have driving vision within 24 hours of treatment. The IntraLase® method is a 100% blade-free approach to creating a corneal flap. After gently lifting the corneal flap, the surgeon uses the computer-guided excimer laser to precisely reshape the cornea for corrected vision. Contact us today to schedule your no charge consultation.

Have You Been Told You Are Not a Candidate for Lasik or PRK?

Some people learn they are deemed ineligible for any kind of Laser Vision Correction procedure. At Premier Eye Care Group, we are pleased to provide other safe options such as the Visian ICL.

The Intraocular Collamer Lens (ICL) is an option available for patients with high levels of nearsightedness (myopia), that is too extreme for Laser Vision Correction, and for whom Laser Vision Correction on the cornea is not safe. The Intraocular Collamer Lens (ICL) is a very thin intraocular lens designed to rest in front of the eye's natural lens, just behind the iris. There is no laser to the cornea in this procedure. Currently, we are leading in experience with the Visian ICL surgery in the Harrisburg region. In fact, one of our very own doctors has trusted their eyes to the Visian ICL procedure! Contact us today to schedule your no charge consultation.

Suitable Solutions for Myopia, Presbyopia, and Hyperopia

In addition to laser eye surgery, PECG adjusts vision through implantable Collamer lens and refractive lens exchange. Call us to schedule an appointment and determine if either treatment is right for you.

ICL (Phakic IOL)

Visian ICL (implantable Collamer lens) is a thin lens implanted inside the eye behind the pupil, between the iris and natural lens. This procedure can correct higher levels of myopia (up to -16 diopters) than LASIK or PRK. The eye's natural lens is left in place, and there is no corneal laser or treatment. PECG has the most experience with performing ICL surgery in the Harrisburg region.

RLE - Refractive Lens Exchange

Refractive lens exchange is also called clear lens extraction. It is essentially cataract surgery performed on a clear lens or mild cataract. The natural lens is replaced with an IOL (intraocular lens), which can provide single focus vision or multifocal vision. This IOL advanced technology allows a person to see distance and near in the same eye. RLE has the advantage of being able to treat presbyopia as well as myopia or hyperopia. PECG offers state-of-the-art laser-assisted treatments with our Lensx laser! Contact us today to schedule your no charge consultation.

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