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Dry eye syndrome is a disease in which the eye lacks a normal, healthy tear layer. The healthy tear film consists of three components: water, lipid or oil, and mucus. A normal tear film is vital to good vision and seeing clearly. Many factors can contribute to dry eye syndrome, including increasing age, oral and topical medications, and previous ocular surgery. 

Common symptoms include:

  • Blurry vision.

  • Stinging, burning.

  • Red eyes.

  • Gritty or sandy sensation, scratchiness.

  • Mucous or discharge (typically clear).

  • Watering or tearing, especially during reading, computer work, or driving.

  • Difficulty or discomfort with wearing contact lenses. 

alleviate dry eye symptoms

Although dry eye syndrome is a chronic condition, Premier Eye Care Group offers a variety of treatments to alleviate the symptoms. Our eye doctors will work with you to identify the cause of your dry eye and establish the best course of treatment.


-Topical Cyclosporine (Restasis)®, Xiidra®, and Cequa® are drops can be taken twice daily to increase tear production and are effective for many patients. 

-Artificial Tear Drops (ex: Systane Complete PF)

-Omega-3 Supplements


-Tear Conservation Procedures such as punctual plugs that block the tear drainage opening in the eyelid and can be easily performed in the office. This helps the tears you make to stay on the surface. Often, insurance will cover a portion of this in-office procedure.

-Blephex treatments are used to treat a chronic, inflammatory disease of the eyelids caused by an overgrowth of normal bacteria living along the lid and the base of the eyelashes. It is known as Blepharitis. The instrument eliminates the scruff and bacterial debris and biofilm that builds up along the lid margin. You can think of it like getting a professional dental cleaning for your lids.
Blephex treatments are $175 per session. 

-Thermalid is a radio frequency treatment used to treat obstructive Meibomian Gland Dysfunction or MGD. The gentle heat delivered to the surface to the surface of the ye lid melts the Meibomian Gland blockages while treating unwanted fine lines and wrinkles. Please note that individuals with an implanted device or pacemaker that sends or receives a signal, women that are pregnant and/or breast feeding, an active corneal/lid infection, having overly tight lid skin, or individuals with an active autoimmune disease are not eligible for this treatment. 

Thermalid treatments are $275 per session. 

Premier Eye Care Group now carried Optase® products! 

Heat, cleanse, hydrate with the Optase® dry eye kit! Only $57.50! 

Includes: Moist Heat Mask, Tea Tree Oil Wipes, and Dry Eye Intense Drops.

Products Available:

Moist Heat Mask: $19.95

Tea Tree Oil Wipes: $18.95

Dry Eye Intense Drops: $24.95

Hylo Night: $16.95

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