“The funny thing is I still go to take my glasses 'off' before I get in the shower & sometimes in the morning I 'reach' for them on my nightstand. Forty-seven yrs of habit. :)” – Premier Eye Care Group patient
“Special kudos to the two nurses who handled me with kid gloves during the first eye surgery. I am grateful for the gift of sight! Thanks to both of you and the rest of your staff at Premier Eye Care.” – Premier Eye Care Group patient

Premier Eye Care – it’s where the eye experts go for eye care.

For many people LASIK has meant freedom from glasses and contact lenses. Freedom to wake up every morning to a sharper world. Are you wondering if LASIK is right for you? Do you think that you may be too “old” to get LASIK? Or, are you nervous about the surgery itself? Come in for a FREE LASIK EVALUATION and see if LASIK can help your eyes. We are happy to answer your questions face-to-face. If LASIK is the right choice, select the eye doctors who will treat your eyes as if they are their own – really. Many of Premier Eye Care Group’s eye doctors are the leading experts in eye care, and have chosen Premier Eye as the place to have their own eye surgeries.

LASIK by doctors … before, during and after your procedure.

Some mega-center LASIK chains have an eye doctor come in to perform scheduled procedures only. Many times patients do not see their LASIK doctor until the time of surgery. Some of these doctors may not even live in your area, traveling from outside your location. This means that many of these LASIK chain centers may not have an eye doctor available after your surgery to answer possible questions or help with post-surgery issues. Premier Eye Care Group’s LASIK program was built by and is run by eye doctors. We have an eye doctor on-site before, during and after your surgery.

Our eye doctors operate Premier Eye Care Group. Many have been with Premier Eye for decades, so it’s not just your eyes–but also their reputation–that is on the line.

Your vision is priceless – be wary of cheap LASIK.

We understand … value is important. We also know that value means more than just low prices. We don’t claim to be the cheapest LASIK in the Harrisburg area … we just have the most passionate, knowledgeable eye doctors, utilizing the latest technologies. Cheap LASIK is not what we do. We value your vision, taking each set of eyes at a time – evaluating every patient before we recommend any procedure … LASIK included.

At the heart of Premier Eye’s LASIK Center are caring eye doctors. We don’t think about getting one patient out the door to get the next five in. Many LASIK centers do just that. In order to have the cheapest LASIK, many centers need to get as many patients through their doors as quickly as possible. Our philosophy is helping our patients, taking the time to get your vision right.

And, in order to try to be the cheapest LASIK in Harrisburg, many LASIK centers do not have eye doctors on staff before and after your surgery. Premier Eye Care Group has eye doctors on-site before, during and after your surgery.

Finally, what if there is a better procedure than LASIK for your eyes? If you decide to act on a $999 LASIK special promotion, you could be missing out on the best option for your eyes. For instance, what if another procedure would give you a better result for night driving?

Visit our How much does LASIK cost page.

Is LASIK right for me?

Does LASIK hurt? Are there risks involved? Will I still need to wear glasses after the surgery? When can I drive again?

You most likely have many questions about LASIK. A good place to start is with our FAQs page. Then visit our 6 LASIK Facts to Know page. After that, click Contact us or give us a call at 1-800-732-EYES (3937) with any more questions you have.

Premier Eye Care Group offers a public service discount.

Premier Eye Care Group offers a 20% discount to all firefighters, police officers, teachers and military personnel who receive LASIK by one of our physicians.

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